Donation Requests

Thank you for considering Campbell Arnott’s as a sponsor for your fundraising activities. Campbell Arnott’s has supported a wide range of events in our community over many years. Given our company profile and size, we receive an overwhelming number of requests for donations – unfortunately more than we can possibly support.

While we are happy to consider requests for small product donations from charitable organisations, our focus is primarily on our community partners.

Should you wish to make a request for a donation, complete the form below and ensure it is accompanied by a letter (on letterhead) from the charity/school/club authorising you to fundraise on their behalf.

Please note only 1 request per year will be approved.

The application must be received by Campbell Arnott’s at least 30 days prior to the event. We regret we cannot support events under this time period.

Please allow at least 4 weeks for your request to be processed. Replies will be either by post or email.


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