Fairy Sparkle

Fairy Sparkle is an inspiration. She began visiting children in hospital in 1991 and saw a great need for them and their families to escape the gruelling routine that comes with long-term hospital stays. So, she decided to build a Fairy Garden at the Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick which has become an important part of life for staff, patients and their families and friends.

The Arnott's Foundation has been supporting Fairy Sparkle for 10 years, assisting her establish "Fairy Gardens'' at hospitals in NSW and Queensland. Most recently, with the support of The Arnott's Foundation, Fairy Sparkle has worked on the ''happy garden'' project, which has seen eight separate gardens built in hospitals around Sydney. The project aims to create a sanctuary outside the ward, where patients and their families can go to relax, seek inspiration and interact as a ''normal'' family.

Congratulations to Fairy Sparkle, who in September 2014 was presented with the Order of Australia Medal by the Governor at Government House.

Over more than two decades, she has worked in hospitals around Sydney to improve the lives of patients and their families during their most vulnerable moments. Accompanied by her pomeranian, Inkling, she sings, plays and chats with the young patients seven days a week.

The Arnott’s Foundation, is proud to continue supporting Fairy Sparkle, which contributes in such a unique way to improving the quality of life for sick children and their families around Australia.

Find out more about Fairy Sparkle here: www.fairysparkle.com



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